TAURUS VORTEKS PLATEis a special component which is installed to floating tank suction pipe in order to control the turbulence of running fluid.

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLAKATE is simple in terms of design and very efficiently controls fluid velocity; prevents cavitation of fluid flow accordingly. Vortex plates are used in machines including fluids such as including turbines, pumps and valves.


    In fluid mechanics, vortex is a turbulent flow that should be controlled in order to prevent machine failure and prevent damage in other rotating parts and structures. Vortex is a region that is formed inside the liquid when fluid rotates (flat or curved) around an axis and liquid runs with high speed with rotation movement. It is like fast moving winds or hurricanes or vortex caused by the wing of an aircraft.

    VORTKES plates reduce the speed of fast moving liquid and flatten a laminar flow instead of turbulent flow; hence reduces wear and corrosion. High fluid conditions may cause deformation in the surface when free surface vortex induces air to any hydraulic machine / pump. This move may cause damage on various different mechanical components by provoking strong vibrations; hence this may cause productivity loss and possible cavitation. At the same time, these plates assist the prevention of cavitation in the fluid (small zones that do not include bubbles or gaps). Cavitation may cause imbalance in moving parts, shock waves and imbalances. When a cavitation affects a surface, it shows the tendency to gradually increasing corrosion.

    This causes corrosion stress on the surface. In order to prevent this, using specially designed vortex plate in all outlets will balance the flow. It will reduce the free surface vortex resistance to minimum and hence prevent possible malfunctions in the installed hydraulic/ pump system.

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLATEis a special pipe connection element used in order to prevent the formation of vortex inside the fire suction tank and its entrance to the suction pipe.

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLATEhas suction pump pipe inlet port in order to reduce vortex inside the tank and allow suction pump to operate in maximum productivity

    has suction pump pipe inlet port in order to reduce vortex inside the tank and allow suction pump to operate in maximum productivity. It reduces air entrainment to minimum in order to prevent cavitation. This helps to lower surface level of the fluid to the highest point possible and allow the transmission of highest flow rate. Product design and production are certainly compatible with BS EN 12845, FM, LPCB standards and its performance is compatible with fire protection water supply and hydrant systems.

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLATEis widely used for chemical engineering, energy sources and hydraulic engineering required for the production of fire suction tanks. This allows the opportunity to full usage of net capacity, increase the usability of fire tanks, decrease dead water areas and save energy.

    1. Design and production are compatible with BS EN 12845, FM, LPCB.
    2. Reduces the risk of formation of vortex during the pump suction.
    3. Eliminates air flow and suffocation effect that emerges during full flow discharge while protecting pump equipment against possible malfunctions due to extreme acceleration.
    4. Solid and compact structure allows economical installation and does not require maintenance.

    5. Corrosion resistance and long life service due to dipped galvanized and stainless product.

    Pump Inlet
    requires uninterrupted long term operation
    ·        Avoids cavitation
    ·        Homogenous and non-return inlet
    ·        Avoids air-entrainment

    Inadequate inlet conditions can cause the following:
    ·        Turbulent pump
    ·        Vibration, noise, mechanical damages
    ·        Decrease or collapse in flow rate


    Surface vortex causes pressure decrease due to faults in pump suctions and approaching flow.
    Surface vortexes can be grouped in 6 types.
    ·        air core grows with decreasing submergence

    Structure of flow area:
    ·        Vortex core: strong rotation, large gradients
    ·        Free vortex region: almost potential flow.


    TAURUS offers pump suction TAURUS VORTEKS PLATE suitable to be used in fire extinguisher tanks and water storage tanks in general.



    Enjoy the confidence of using TAURUS VORTEKS PLATE that are produced and offered in full compliance with FM, LPCB BS EN 12845 standards according to the requirements of your projects.

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLATE is simple in terms of design and very efficiently controls fluid velocity; prevents cavitation of fluid flow accordingly. Vortex plates are used in machines including fluids such as including turbines, pumps and valves.


    Vortex or Anti-Vortex

    Where a fire pump takes its suction from the bottom of a water storage tank, NFPA 20 requires a certain arrangement for the discharge from the tank. As water flows from the tank outlet, a vortex tends to form, introducing air into the suction piping and increasing the occurrence of turbulent flow. A similar phenomenon appears when water drains from a sink or tub. As previously noted, turbulent and imbalanced flow into the pump suction is to be avoided. 

    To prevent this phenomenon, NFPA 20 requires the use of a device that prevents the formation of a vortex. This device is often erroneously referred to as a vortex plate, but the terminology in NFPA 20 has been revised to better correlate with NFPA 22, Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection, and to clarify that the device is actually an “anti-vortex” plate used to prevent the formation of a vortex. In addition, reference to the Hydraulic Institute’s “Standards for Centrifugal, Rotary, and Reciprocating Pumps” was added to the annex text for additional information on the subject.


    5.14.10* Vortex Plate. For pump(s) taking suction from a stored water supply, a vortex plate shall be installed at the entrance to the suction pipe. (See Figure A.6.3.1.)
    NFPA 20 - Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection

    NFPA 22

    14.2.13* Anti-Vortex Plate Assembly. The discharge outlet for every sucction tank shall be equipped with an anti-vortex Plate assembly.


    NFPA 22 - Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection

    TAURUS VORTEKS PLATE responds to the BS EN 12845 requirements.
    • SYSTEM COMPLIANCE — Compliance with International Standards
    • EASY INSTALLATION — Flanch, Nut and Bolt Installation
    •COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN — Best Design and Performance
    • CORROSION RESISTANCE — Hot Dipped Galvanized (BS EN ISO 1461)
    • PROVEN SYSTEM — Has Been In Use for More Than Three Years
    •TRANSPORTATION — Flat Package Delivery

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